How do acid reflux symptoms differ in adults and in children?

The acid reflux symptoms vary in adults and children. It is easier to diagnose an adult with acid reflux but it is not that easy to that in children. The following show the different symptoms that were diagnosed in adults and children.

The acid reflux symptoms in adults include heartburn (burning sensation in the chest, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), regurgitation (vomiting blood from mouth esophagus or pharynx. These other symptoms like odynophagia (pain when swallowing),

Nausea, chest pain, water brash (excessive salivation) are also seen in some patients but are less common in comparison to the previously discussed ones.

The symptoms in children are not as prominent as they are in adults and hence make it more difficult to detect the disease in children. Acid reflux in children causes coughing, repeated vomiting and some respiratory problems. These symptoms are common various to various other health problems and thus the diagnosis is not that easy. It may lead to weight loss of the baby. Some babies may develop a resistance to this disease and some may fail to do so falling prey to it. This may lead to worsened conditions in future and lead to other diseases like viral illness, weaning or teething.


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