Symptoms of acid reflux in infants and the causes

The symptoms of acid reflux in infants are mainly seen during their first four months of age. Irritability and pain, Regurgitation and vomiting are the most commonly seen symptoms of acid reflux in infants. One of the causes for the acid reflux in infants is due to bottle - feeding. Sometimes, the symptoms may not appear outward which is called ‘silent GER’. The secondary GER in infants is caused due to food allergies and metabolic disorders.

Instead of bottle - feeding for the infants, breast feeding would be of more use which has lesser possibilities of acid reflux as the human milk is easy to digest. Sometimes, the baby would feel irritated to eat due to the pain that is caused due to acid reflux after eating which results in weight loss. Therefore, if there are any symptoms of acid reflux showing in the infants, one should try to identify the foods that are causing the problem and avoid those foods.

It is also recommended to take the suggestion of the baby health care providers or doctors as some suggested medicines may suppress the symptoms and the pain and irritation that is caused due to acid reflux.

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